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Effective brand communication is transformative.

It turns an idea into a business. It brings clarity to chaos. It informs, persuades and sells with measurable power.

Emotive brand experiences drive success.

They deliver stronger relationships, build loyalty, and form strong habits.

Engaging brand behaviour creates real change.

It helps your people to work better together. It increases the influence and credibility of communication.

Donlon Brands provides the strategic, practical and creative supports to deliver these results.


Donlon Brands is a bespoke alternative to the traditional agency model. With Brendan Donlon, you get a personal commitment from a proven design thinker to make your brand more effective.

I provide tailored strategy, practical creativity and personal oversight for better brands. This is built on over twenty years’ experience of directing, managing and creating brand communications.

The goal is to define and deliver a consistent brand experience, and to craft engaging content that conveys a clear brand promise. Donlon Brands achieves this with flexible, scalable and expert services.

Assessing business and brand strategy, then defining brand promise and positioning for greater effectiveness.

Creating or overseeing ongoing communications – from concept to production.

Researching internal and external perceptions of an existing or new brand.

Directing and managing in-house teams or external agencies to improve or sustain brand communications.

Creating or evolving brand identity, communications and usage guidance.

Selecting and leading project-specific teams to deliver larger branding projects.

About me

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Brendan Donlon is a highly-experienced, multi-disciplinary brand communications consultant. He has won juried awards for his design, his writing and for brand effectiveness. He offers a unique combination of strategic, creative and practical skillsets to deliver more effective and engaging brands. As a strategist, his creative experience offers unique insights into brand planning and positioning. As a practicing creative, his strategic approach adds value to his design and writing. His brand communication is a fully integrated process of strategic thinking, design and writing. This makes for more effective, practical and responsive results.

Brendan has personally developed and communicated brands across a wide variety of sectors, and regularly manages multi-agency teams on large-scale, long-term brand transformation projects. He has created award-winning consumer food brands for Kerry Foods, Green Isle Foods and Java Republic. He led a UEFA project to create brands for several national football associations across Eastern Europe. He has delivered strategy, communications and direction of consumer brands for clients such as the Dublin International Film Festival and DID Electrical. He has also produced and marketed highly-effective brands for government clients like EirGrid, the TV Licence, TidyTowns, Fáilte Ireland and Eircode.


Every project is the product of particular needs, unique challenges and specific opportunities.

If you want to find out what I've done for my clients, get in touch.

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